by Andréa Ararê


Moon Ceremonies

Join me for moon ceremonies, women's circles, and more...



A 4-week journey to learn the wisdom of the cycles, with practical tools.

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 Healing Sessions

Book an online or in-person energy and shamanic healing sessions

I'm Andréa

I am an agent of transformation.

I serve the Divine Feminine by remembering the old ways of connecting with women, our gifts, and our inner wisdom. I offer shamanic healing, Women's Circles Ceremonies, Red Tents, Moon ceremonies, courses to empower women, from my heart to yours. Some call me The Gaia Healer.


I've never encountered a woman that has such tremendous knowledge of indigenous medicine, pared with power, grace and an aura that lights up every room. I was blessed to have had Andrea walk beside me in a phase of complete death and rebirth. She lovingly held the space for me and shared her insights about the menstrual cycles, 

Andrea is a gentle guide into the sacred unknown. She fearlessly walks beside you as you explore deeper levels of self. She creates a safe space for exploration and release of personal and ancestral patterns that do not serve you. Working with her is truly transformative; I have reached new depths of healing and I couldn't be more grateful.

Andrea's circles feel so nurturing.  She creates a space that is safe, respectful, and beautiful while allowing each person and the group as a whole to explore complex emotions, feelings and experiences. I remember the first one from years ago: It was so incredibly special and magical and I will cherish it (as well as all of them) in my heart always.

Andrea saw in me what took me years to accept. She took me to another level of understanding and seeing clearly my soul mission. She gave me permission to share my gifts in a true wake up call. She is a goddess with a beautiful soul!.